What will you get

Randomly generated text helps designers and typographers present a template as close to the real thing as possible to the evaluator. It is often the case that when designing, it is indicative of what a block of text will look like. That’s when it’s convenient to use the text generated by this generator, because simply putting “text text text” or other repetitive words creates an artificial visual symmetry and looks unnatural.

For whom Product and service developer roles, departments and agile teams
Location Physical
Duration 11 Hours + offline job
Group 15 Persons
Price Determined based on Company Assessment
Moderator Natia Jibladze, Nana Akhobadze
Activities Hrs
Conducting interview with real users to create Empathy map and Journey map ( 5 interviews) 5
Delivering workshop based on Real User Scenario
– Emotional Design 6
– Customer Persona
– Empathy Map
– Journey Map
Delivering Ideation Session for identifying solutions